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    What is scope of web testing ?

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    web service in simple terminology can be defined as a service offered by an application installed on a particular device or server to another device or client application after communicating with each other through WWW (World Wide Web).
    Web Service Testing: SoapUI tool which is used to test the web services and Web APIs. The web services testing involves:
    • WSDL file definition understanding.
    • Operations provided by the Web Service.
    • XML Request message format that sent as SOAP request message.
    XML Response message format received as SOPA response message
    Scope of Testing Web Service:
    We can divide web services into 2 categories: one which is used over internet and the one which is used over intranet. The challenging part in web service testing is that they don’t have UI. They are completely UI-less. So this pose a problem that manual testing of web service is going to be a tedious job. But trust me if you are aware of programming and have done some programming then it is going to be the most interesting project.So the foremost condition for web service testing is that one should know programming and have good programming skills.
    So the first question which comes to mind is what all I can do in the testing of web services. We can do both Functional Testing & Non Functional Testing. Functional testing will do the data verification part and the non functional testing will look into the response time, scalability issues and performance issues.

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    Web testing help to check all SEO errors of a website.

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