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Thread: What are paid results?

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    Paid search marketing affords businesses the opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site by paying either each time their ad is clicked (pay per click) or less commonly, when their ad is displayed (CPM or cost per thousand) or when a phone contact is generated.
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    Default Paid Result

    I think you are talking about PPC (Google Adwords). To come-up in search results through PPC, you need to understand following things:

    Google will charge you on per click basis. Here, Google decide click charges based on competition..if there are less competition on keywords then Google charge you less and for high competitive keywords, Google charge more. (Here, Google help advertiser by giving a rough idea on per click charges )
    If your ads are optimized well with appealing text then Google will rank your ads higher. (it’s just one of the facts when it comes to ranking.)
    Here, you can start getting leads quickly once ads get approved. No need to wait for 3–6 month to generate leads as we do for organic SEO.

    Brenda R.

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    Hi Friends,
    PPC is a tool used in the SEM process. It stands for pay-per-click which is a quicker way to attract traffic to your website. It is used by online marketers and advertisers who pay a fee for every visit to their site. PPC campaigns guarantee fast results that may or may not be long-lasting.

    Paid SEO benefits

    • Fast results: With paid SEO, your website will immediately start seeing more clicks/traffic. Compared to Organic SEO, the initial results will start to show immensely quicker for fast results.
    • Targeted results: Paid SEO (SEM) offers controlled customer targeting. With Organic SEO, it is hard to predict the visitor experience or what kind of visitors you are pulling in. With SEM, the advertisers have control over where the ads are exposed.
    • Establishes brand awareness: SEM platforms such as Google AdWords will promote your website at the top of the search page when relevant keywords and phrases are searched for. Even if the customer doesn’t click your ad right away, it will keep popping up for them reminding them of your brand, products, and services.

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    Paid search results also known as pay-per-click are basically advertisements. The ads are typically displayed at the top and to the right of organic search results. The fee you pay is based on the number of clicks or views you receive for your ads.

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