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Thread: What is ‘Near-Duplicate’ Content, to Google?

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    Hi Friends,
    Think of it as a piece of content that was slightly changed, or if it was copied 1:1 but the boilerplate is different.

    Based on research papers, it might be the case that once Google detects a page is a near duplicate of something else, it is going to find it hard to rank this page against the source.

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    When some content of a paragraph are exactly match with webpage content.

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    Near duplicate content refers to a piece of content from one page that has been placed on another page with slight changes or with a different boilerplate.

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    Near-duplicate content refers to two pieces of content with only minor differences. Of course, having some similar content is natural and sometimes unavoidable (i.e., quoting another article on the internet). The Different Types of Duplicate Content. There are two types of duplicate content
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