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Thread: Does The Google Panda Algorithm Penalise Duplicate Content?

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    Default Does The Google Panda Algorithm Penalise Duplicate Content?


    Does The Google Panda Algorithm Penalise Duplicate Content?

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    Hi Friends,
    No – but if you have “copied content” on your site, then you probably will be impacted negatively to various degrees.

    A part of Google Panda algorithm is focused on thin pages and (many think) the ratio of good-quality content to low-quality content on a site and user feedback to Google as a proxy for satisfaction levels.

    If Google is rating your pages on content quality, or lack of it, as we are told, and user satisfaction on some level and a lot of your site is duplicate content that provides no positive user satisfaction feedback to Google then that may be a problem too.

    Here are a few common examples of pages that often have thin content with little or no added value:
    1 . Automatically generated content,
    2. Thin affiliate pages
    3. Content from other sources.
    4. Doorway pages

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    Yes, Website having duplicate content are penalized by Google Panda Update.

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    Yes Google Panda was the algorithm update released by Google for duplicate content issues on your webpages.
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    Yeah, it penalize the duplicate content...

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