statistical investigation questions | online report writing | outline for persuasive essay | buy cheap research papers How to load OS and drivers in a newly built desktop?
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Thread: How to load OS and drivers in a newly built desktop?

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    Default How to load OS and drivers in a newly built desktop?

    I will be building my own desktop. The putting of the hardware together doesn't seem to be too difficult.

    I am wondering how to load the OS and drivers to the new computer.

    I have a valid Windows 10 key which would require me to download the installation from the MS site. But how do I get internet connection for the new computer before I even load the OS. The same question would be for the drivers of the graphic cards, the Ethernet port, etc.

    It seems like chicken and egg question to me.

    Would someone suggest me a solution for the same ?

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    You just need the Windows 10 image file on a disk or on a pen drive to install the new operating system on your computer.
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