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Thread: What makes a website search engine-friendly?

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    Default What makes a website search engine-friendly?

    Hello friends,

    What makes a website search engine-friendly?

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    Good content, good navigation with user friendly design and many others make a website search engine friendly.
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    A search engine friendly site will secure there is unique content on every page of the site. Search engine optimized content is content that appears more than holding a place on the page. It's content that is particularly important to what searchers are watching for and optimized to work well in the search engines

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    Hi Friends,
    There are a lot of things that you have to do in order to make your website search engine friendly and start pulling in that sweet sweet traffic from Google. You need to do so many things from optimizing your titles and descriptions to adding optimized content and adding alt tags to your images for better chances of ranking. Not only do you have to worry about that, you have to remember that your design has to be responsive. A plain Jane website with 100 high quality backlinks and a responsive one with the same links will rank different since Google now loves mobile friendly designs. So make your design responsive and avoid the headache of struggling to rank.

    A few ways to optimize your pages for specific keywords
    Add your keywords near the beginning of titles, descriptions and content.
    Add your keywords 2 to 3 times per 100 words of content on your pages.
    Add alt tags to your images to show Google what the image is about
    Try and get your keyword into the sub pages URL
    Interlink your pages with keywords that are related to the pages they are linked to.

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