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Thread: Which company should I try?

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    Default Which company should I try?

    Which company should I try - or

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    Default Which company should I try ?

    1. Bluehost – Best Reliable “Starter” Hosting.
    2. HostGator Cloud – Most “Unlimited” Hosting.
    3. Hostinger – Cheapest Web Hosting.
    4. SiteGround – Best WordPress Support.
    5. GoDaddy – Good for Small Sites.
    6. Web Hosting Buzz – Reliable UK Web Host.

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    Can add that is a nice option for hosting any site. It is not only the most affordable web host out there , but their uptime has been great, and I'd say it has been over 99%, and my site hasn't gone down in months. I have been working hard these days on my website, so often have to upload and rest of stuff related to database, emails.

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    I have been hosting my site with cPanel web hosting over a year and everything works perfect.
    Great support with fast responses in both live support or through email (tickets). My site is almost always up (15 minutes downtime last month - up for about 99.8% of the time).
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    I'm completely satisfied with
    They deliver good services for me.
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    1. GoDaddy
    2. Amazon Web Services
    3. Google Cloud Platform
    4. 1&1
    5. Squarespace
    6. Hetzner Online
    7. Bluehost
    8. Liquid Web
    9. HostGator
    10. IBM Cloud

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