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Thread: How to start hosting business

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    I need best business strategy to start web hosting and domain name registration business, Anyone help..

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    The best and easiest way to start your own web hosting company is to become a reseller. Itís not as awful as it can seem at the first glance. Let me explain.
    Reseller hosting is a hosting model, when the hosting server is rented from a hosting company in order to host third party websites. Simply speaking, you can be your own hosting company. Everythingís very simple:
    Reseller rents a dedicated server for hosting. More often than not ó with already setup cPanel and WHM, or WHMCS.
    Reseller creates cPanel accounts for his clients.
    Clients pay reseller for hosting, reseller pays the hosting company for the server, keeping the difference.
    In order to become a reseller, you need to rent a dedicated server from a hosting company. Preferably, it should be a server that is suited for the task. In order to operate the server, you will also need some software ó a control panel and a billing system. Unihost servers for reseller hosting already come with cPanel control panel and WHM billing system, with optional installation of WHMCS.

    Tips for beginner resellers
    Be on call
    Itís really important to stay on call (or even better ó online) 24/7 in order to solve a problem before the client runs out of patience. Even if everything is set up perfectly, stay on call. Accidents happen and their quick resolution is exactly what will build your clientís trust in you.

    Be special
    Thereís a huge cloud of resellers. Thus, invent a unique selling proposition. You will have to compete not only with other hosting companies, but also with your own hosting company. So either drop the price down ó which is a good option if all you need is to keep your clients for other services ó or find an advantage that will outweigh the cost.

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    The best and ideal way is to have homework done and completed. I mean you need to have business plan and of course hosted solution. I would recommend you to have a look at libertyvps.net, kvchosting.net. The best way would be starting with VPS server.
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    I can point out that pretty good reseller hosting deals and also domain registration offered by hostnamaste.com team.
    All my questions have been answered within 10 minutes of submission. Server is fast, uploading files is fast, price is low.

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    I do agree. That is better to have something like VPS.
    kvchosting.net was suggested for you and I do agree with that and recommend you as well.
    They are good host and I believe they will be reliable partner.

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    You will not regret a thing if you choose one of these hosts: Centohost.com and Hostforweb.com - I am very satisfied with this service and will recommend them to anyone.

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    You can contact time4vps.com team and they will answer all your questions. They have DNS server manager (https://www.time4vps.com/knowledgeba...h-dns-manager/) that help to set up a domain. Overall, they have great communication and customer service. I enjoyed working with them.

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