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Thread: Best Tools for Progressive Web App Development?

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    Default Best Tools for Progressive Web App Development?

    AngularJSAngularJS without doubt is the hot favorite among progressive web app developers because of its robust, cutting edge and dynamic JavaScript framework. AngularJS is used by app developers for PWA development on the client side. AngularJS simplifies PWA web development and PWA mobile development, allowing developers to easily add several functionalities. The latest AngularJS versions are 5 and 6, and both come with PWA development support built in. These versions also offer new functions and excellent features for progressive web app development. A PWA app development company can build apps that can be downloaded, installed and used just like a mobile app. AngularJS also offers support for other cross-platform frameworks like Iconic, making it the gold standard for PWA development. AngularJS is great as a PWA web app framework because it can handle vast amounts of data allowing projects to scale as required. ReactJSReactJS is a JavaScript library used for progressive web app development. It is maintained by Facebook and is a great choice for creating UI and for rendering UI components. ReactJS allows PWA developers to reuse code, thus saving both time and cost of PWA development. ReactJS also makes PWAs SEO friendly because it has a rendering mechanism, from the server to the browser.IonicAnother popular and easy to use tool for PWA development is Ionic, an MIT licensed framework. Ionic is an open-source hybrid tool used by progressive web app developers for managing the code structure and add features and improvisations to app. Note that Ionic is also a client-side framework that combines JavaScript, HTML and CSS3, and has a common codebase that allows easy cross-platform app development. Ionicís latest version comes with a whopping 100 pre-built components that make development so easy for any PWA app development company.PolymerPolymer, a lightweight JavaScript framework, is another Google product. Polymer allows progressive web app developers to create reusable components and synchronize data with devices. Polymerís tool App Layout Component lets app developers create responsive designs thus reducing the concurrent load time.

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    1. PWA.rocks
    2. Knockout
    3. PWABuilder
    4. AngularJS
    5. Google Developers
    6. Webpack
    7. GitHub

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    instead of developing a website from scratch, i would rather buy a premium WordPress theme and customize the theme according to my liking. there are many tutorials that can guide you online.

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