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Thread: What is the best way to optimize website?

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    Default What is the best way to optimize website?

    I want to optimize my website, What is the best way to optimize the WordPress site?
    Can anyone suggest me how can I do it myself?
    Thanks so much!

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    Default What is the best way to optimize website?

    Make your website useful for your specific audience. ...
    Grow your organic traffic. ...
    Capitalize on existing traffic. ...
    Force your website to work harder. ...
    Give your audience what they want and expect.

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    Hi Friends,
    -Minimizing HTTP Requests.
    -Adding Expires or Cache control header resulting in loading most of the contents in browser from cache rather than reloading.
    -Using Gzip/deflate compression for static and dynamic contents
    -Avoiding inline CSS. so as to load initial page faster
    -Using CSS on the top of the page
    -Avoiding inline java script code.
    -Putting java scripts at the bottom of the pages.
    -Compressing JavaScript and CSS files.
    -Building reusable components viz. CSS, java scripts, routines, etc. to maximize the reusability and minimize the code size.
    -Cache the static contents viz. images, java scripts, CSS, etc. or deploy them on separate server(cookie less) for better performance
    -Images are taking at least 80% of the total page load time. We optimize image size and using lazy loading concepts for images so that will not block required content. We are reducing number of DOM elements in pages.
    -Using minimum DOM elements in web pages.
    -Avoiding unnecessary server responses viz. “404 Page not found”.
    -URLs are meaningful & user friendly
    -Explanatory HTML page titles
    -Clear, descriptive Major headings
    -Using tags like Emphasis (bold, etc.) carefully
    -Avoiding @Import tag for CSS anywhere in website.
    -Following W3C standards for HTML and CSS.

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    There are basically two types of SEO techniques - on page and off page.

    On page seo refers to the process that is followed on the website itself. Some of the tasks involved are:

    Keyword research
    Meta tags and title
    Meta description
    Robots.txt file
    Sitemap generation
    Content development
    Image optimization

    Off page refers to the link building and promotion of your website in search engines. Some of the most effective off page activities are:

    Guest posting
    Article submission
    Press release submission
    Social bookmarks
    Classified ads
    Infographics submission
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    Keyword Research. All search optimization begins with keyword research.
    Create Great Content with Keywords in mind. Content is the basis for the entire Duct Tape Marketing approach, and posting regular content will help your website show up on more searches.
    Speed it Up.
    Use Landing Pages.
    Update Your Page Titles.

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    Hi there,

    You can do these quick things to optimize your website -

    Try changing your page titles to include your #1 keyword
    Plan every single one of your landing pages to keep your keywords in mind
    make sure your page is always up to speed
    Post regular content will help your website show up on more searches
    Keyword research should be your prime importance

    Good luck

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