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Thread: What are the most effective ways to promote blogs..?

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    Blog promotion can be done using various social media platforms.
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    Select Your Social Media Networks.
    Join (Or Start Your Own) Social Media Groups.
    Use Reciprocal Sharing Sites.
    Try General Social Bookmarking Sites.
    Zoom in on Niche Social Bookmarking Sites.
    Promote Your Blog in Forums like Quora.
    Run a Giveaway.

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    I would firstly take care of security and loading speed.
    I use solutions from
    They allow turn (whenever that is hosted) your WordPress site into static.
    That will become more secured and faster.
    And those points are valuable for SEO as well.
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    Default What are the most effective ways to promote blogs..?

    social media is one of the finest ways to promote our blogs, apart from that do quality link building like bookmarking, forums, quora, question and answer etc..

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    Repurpose your content.
    Build links to your site.
    Create a UTM link to track marketing campaigns.
    Share your blog on social media.
    Answer questions on Quora.
    Post on subreddits.
    Flip posts to Flipboard.
    Reach out to influencers.

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