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Thread: What is your favorite method of payment?

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    2Checkout and Paypal, both are ok from my point of view. Bit pay is also rising with Bitcoin burst

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    Online payment method and paypal are good for me. Both are fast and safe method of payment.

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    Default What is your favorite method of payment?

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    I like paypal.

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    Paypal is the best method.

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    According to me PayPal is best for online transaction services. They serve almost all country.

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    For me, it will be Paypal. 2CO doesn't seem as reliable as it should according to the reviews on other websites.

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    I would prefer a direct online payment gateway solution through a bank or Paypal is the best!

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    In my opinion online payment is really good way for everyone.

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    Paypal is only the best payment method.

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