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Thread: ecommerce SEO

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    Default ecommerce SEO

    Hi there,

    What are some of the best ways to do SEO of an ecommerce site to get top rank in Google?

    Kindly suggest some good answers

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    Do proper On page and work on high pr websites. Search relevant blogs and forums and sites to get relevant backlinks.

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    If your main website is eCommerce then create a blog in your website means like that www.yourwebsite.com/blog/ and there is you unique content related to your products, focus on social media marketing and PPC, you need to choose shopping campaign for e-commerce site
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    In the URL. Putting your primary keyword in the URL is simple and improves search rankings.
    In the title tag (H1).
    In body copy.
    In image alt text.
    In the metadata.

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