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    Default The best VPS provider ...

    Comparing VPS accounts from and, which plan is the best for hositng an e-shop with?

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    I'd draw your attention to deals from and
    The support is so helpful and the servers are so great. Just incomparable services to anyone else! Just unbelievable.

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    I would recommend OpenVZ VPS hosting to anyone who is looking for a new host! The prices are good, customer support is awesome and it s quite reliable.
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    If you are looking for one of the finest providers of VPS, as in across the world, I would take into consideration-

    1. where their servers are located,
    2. what uptime they provide
    3. storage, backup, security (anti ddos, malware)
    4. recovery mechanism

    I was using Hostgator India's VPS for 5 years before I moved to the states where they have servers as well so it was easy moving. One of the key benefits I enjoy with them is that they are a reputed and reliable brand with the support that is responsive at any time of the day.

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    VPS accounts from and are trustworthy enough to sign up with.
    Knowledgeable personnel can be found in tech service which is very solid, don't nickel-&-dime me.

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    Highly recommend to everyone looking for good OpenVZ and KVM hosting solutions!
    It is an excellent Host, they willing to help their customers, you can always rely on them, we been with them for almost 8 months, the services has been great.
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    I always recommend my friends or anyone to buy a VPS hosting package from Hostneverdie VPS. The uptime and speed of their VPS accounts are excellent. Automatic backup is provided for all clients with free data restoration. Their support team is also very responsive and is available 24x7.

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    VPS deals from and are worth trying. They have a good supporting team which is more important if you are not a techy person. They offer a wide range of software apps to easily create your website.

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    I believe there's a sense in making a comparison research for their plans.

    I know is super good web host for getting cheap VPS plans at.
    It provides industry-leading managed solutions with personalized customer service and support.

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    Default Strad Solutions provides cheap windows vps with control panel & RDP

    Strad Solutions provides cheap windows vps with control panel & RDP

    Some of the salient features of our Windows VPS


    We provide MSSQL Express Edition for Free. SQL Web/Standard/Enterprise editions can be purchased as per the prices. You can request for a quote from our Sales team.


    Windows Server 2012/16/19 Standard Edition

    Datacenter Editions on Request

    quote for additional pricing


    PowerShell Scripts

    DNS management: You can request

    for your own DNS,RDNS server settings and

    our webmaster will offer you at the earliest.

    To know more , kindly check our website - Windows VPS Hosting India - Strad Solutions

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