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Thread: Is HTML a good skill?

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    Default Is HTML a good skill?

    Is HTML a good skill?

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    HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a typical choice used for the development of websites, web pages and web based applications. Business stakeholders, project management and program developers prefer HTML over other alternative program development options due to the advantageous characteristics of HTML.

    HTML is User-Friendly
    Display Changes Instantly
    HTML is Basic of all Programming Languages
    HTML is Lightweight
    HTML can Integrate Easily with Other Languages
    HTML is Simple to Edit
    HTML is the Most Friendly Search Engine
    HTML is Supported by all Browsers
    HTML is Free
    HTML is Easy to Learn and Use

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    Hi Friend,
    No, not really. Html and CSS do require a sense of design (that's a good skill to have) but it's not hard to learn to write. Anyone can make a static page in html / css. JavaScript has the ability to be a great skill but if you're just using for ui things not very cool.

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    Both HTML and CSS are fundamental tech skills you can start using to work on real projects within weeks of diving in. And they are the place to start if you want to work in tech, whether you end up going into front end development, back end development, web design, visual design, or even digital marketing.

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