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Thread: Where should I host my personal website?

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    Default Where should I host my personal website?

    Where should I host my personal website?

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    On average, how much traffic do you expect each month?

    I have several domains hosted at for several years, and have only had 1 outage.
    I get a response from somebody usually within 5 minutes and they're always willing to help. Great Hosting and great support. Have three domains with them and been great host.
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    Hi Friend,
    Good. You have developed your website, register any domain name form any hosting provider like Temok and get any type of hosting to store your website files on the internet.

    keep in mind, you don’t need to get dedicated or VPS hosting. Get a Linux or windows based shared hosting solution that is the cheapest solution to make your website live. As your website visitors increases you can easily shift any other hosting plans. when you will get a domain and hosting they will guide you the steps to make your website live.

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    Impressive, thanks for sharing such knowledge with us. I want to know about dedicated hosting which is best.

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    Default and are quite reliable hosting provider to sign up with.
    Points for this hosting
    -- ONE -- low cost.Very low indeed
    - TWO -- No downtime
    -THREE -- quick Support.

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    Can add that have provided web hosting for me for years. Top notch service and always an immediate response.
    Easy admin functionality, billing etc. Their pricing for shared hosting accounts is quite cheap.

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    You can get a free domain name and host from websites like 000webhost and hosting. Since it is free so not reliable. Also, your domain name will include company name for eg. In hosting you'll get limited options.

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    “If you want to be taken seriously, then make sure you have a self-hosted WordPress blog.” So while it's up to you in the end, I would recommend self-hosting your site. Still, having a free site on or another place if you're on a tight budget is much better than not having a site at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pooja escorts View Post
    Where should I host my personal website?
    I am satisfied using web hosting. The pricing is good, I've never had any downtime, and when I've needed to contact customer support (always my own lack of knowledge, nothing they've done) they have been very quick, helpful and always sorted my issue.

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