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Thread: Is .NET still used?

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    Default Is .NET still used?

    Is .NET still used?

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    Hi Friend,
    Absolutely Yes, .Net is free, opensource and now truly cross platform with the .Net Core framework launched in 2016. This means you can write .net code for any platform and not just windows. .Net and .Net Core is the #1 framework of choice when it comes to making Web Apis. Reason being the really cool and snazzy Middle-ware which is available to the developers out of box. This saves a lot of time and increases the productivity tremendously.

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    . NET is still a totally viable option for web and mobile development, which is why so many San Fran developers are still using it. .NET community is growing faster than ever, especially since the technology is now open source, and it's laden with experience.

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    Thanks for giving such impressive information.

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