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Thread: What are the basics of app development?

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    Default What are the basics of app development?

    What are the basics of app development?

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    Hi Friend,
    Well, first you have to know that there are types of Android Applications.
    1. Native - which rum without internet like your alarm clocks.
    2. Semi Native- which run with and without net (both) , eg. smartphone calendars, u can view the calendar without net but it also requires net to sync your data from your social networking accounts.
    3.Hybrid.- then there are hybrid apps which don't run without internet at all,

    Eg. Myntra, Amazon, etc.

    if you want to begin with Native apps or Semi native apps, your focus should be JAVA.
    Especially chat applications like Whatsapp are also Semi-native and u need JAVA for that too.
    You can start with either Eclipse ( I prefer the LUNA version ), or Android Studio .

    And if U want to begin with Hybrid apps, the key to those apps , are HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

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    Really impressive guys, Thanks for sharing such information.

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    Default What are the basics of app development?

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    Strategy. ...
    Analysis and Planning. ...
    UI / UX Design. ...
    App Development. ...
    Testing. ...
    Deployment & Support.

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    Java and XML are the two main programming languages used in Android App development. Knowledge and mastery over these programming languages are, therefore, prerequisites to developing an Android app. Some of the fundamentals of the Java programming language include: Packages, Objects & classes, Inheritance & interfaces, Strings & numbers, generics Collections, Concurrency
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