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Thread: cPanel for your smart phones and iPads

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    Default cPanel for your smart phones and iPads

    If you have a web site with a hosting provider who uses cPanel as their hosting control panel, then you can use our App to easily manage your account, files, features, etc.

    CP Control Panel 1.3 application has a built-in FTP client that allows you to manage files and folders, much better than the original CPanel on web. You can remove unwanted files, even if your account is over quota.


    One time fee and includes all future updates and upgrades



    This application connects directly to your own hosting server. No proxy or 3rd-party connection or service provider involved. Your login information will be transmitted to your own hosting server. It will not go through us.

    Some features of this application are:

    Multi Profile
    You can save access information of multiple sites and login with just one tap.

    View Account Information
    All information regarding your account and the hosting server. Including disk usage, bandwidth usage, IP address, server name, PHP version etc.

    Main tasks
    - Change Password
    - Update Contact Information
    - Contact your hosting provider

    - Manage mail boxes (create, delete, change password and quota)
    - Manage Forwarders (create and delete both email forwarders and domain forwarders)
    - Manage Default (catch-all) address on all main, sub, park and addon domains
    - Manage auto responders (create, delete and modify)

    FTP Accounts
    Manage existing FTP accounts or create new ones. Also you can change password and quota of an FTP account.

    File Manager
    A full FTP client with PASV option and ability to:
    - Create new files and folders
    - Change permission of files and folders
    - Delete files and empty folders
    - Password Protect folders
    - Rename/Move files and folders
    - View files as text
    - View a file in browser
    - Edit file as text
    - View Images

    Backup Manager
    - Schedule new full backups to Home, FTP, SFTP or SCP
    - List of current full backups on server
    - Delete unwanted backups

    - Manage Sub Domains
    - Manage Park Domains
    - Manage Addon Domains
    - Manage Domain Redirects

    - Manage DNS record (A, MX, CNAME, TXT)
    - Add new DNS records
    - Modify current DNS records

    MySQL Databases
    - Manage Databases
    - Manage MySQL users
    - Assign users to databases or change their permissions
    - Manage remotely accessed hosts
    - phpMyAdmin

    Stats and Logs
    - AWStats
    - Webalizer
    - Latest Visitors

    Other features
    - IP Deny Manager, Allows you to block one or a range of IP addresses.
    - Manage Cron Jobs, tasks that will be run at a certain time or specific interval.

    If you need a specific feature to be added, please write us a few lines using Feedback form in application or post comment at cPanel client for iPhone and iPad - Native cPanel and WHM client for iPhone and iPad.

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    Waw! this is very nice..

    this is the offers I love..

    thanks a lot..

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    Superb posting . I really liked your work. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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