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Thread: How can we filter product options in salesforce cpq?

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    Default How can we filter product options in salesforce cpq?

    How can I filter product option while creating a quote in salesforce cpq.

    Example I have a main product "Dell Laptop" - I create 2 features "Hardware" and "Software". I have a "region" field in product option with values X or Y

    I add below product options in relevant feature and region Hardware - CPU,RAM etc (no region) Software - X region: MS Office, Notepad Y region: Firefox

    Now when I create a quote. I should be able to select add options and in software feature I need a filter value based on which only the RELEVANT PRODUCT OPTIONS will load So I select X region only MSOffice and Notepad should load.

    How can I solve this problem?

    I have tried looking in lookup query and lookup data. The problem is I may have 15-20 options in one feature and adding lookup data with show and hide for two feature will increase manual work and creating combination for each feature

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    When they select one of those products, Salesforce CPQ adds it to the bundle as a product option. Choose a Product field that you want to filter your product options by. Choose the value on your filter field for filtering your product options. The filter field must be a Product field.

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