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Thread: Which is better, majestic or SEO MOZ?

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    Default Which is better, majestic or SEO MOZ?

    Hello friends,

    I Want to know that Which is better, majestic or SEO MOZ..?

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    Both tools have their own specifications.

    Majestic SEO is most convenient for backlink analysis. Through this, you can easily check any website backlinks. SEO Moz is also used for the same but there are some other options also available.
    So, you select which one is right for you. See, every tool or service totally depends on your requirements.

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    Moz has a 2-3 week crawl period to update its metrics such as PageRank and Domain Authority. Majestic is a better tool to determine a site's metrics. The tool gives more insight into backlink types and anchors text distribution. Majestic is also a better tool to look into backlinks in more detail.

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