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Thread: Any good solution to manage Unlimited WordPress Static Sites?

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    Default Any good solution to manage Unlimited WordPress Static Sites?

    I'd like to manage Unlimited WordPress Static Sites On One Dashboard.
    What reliable places can you recommend me to visit?
    Found Flatsite.com and it offers the powerful static WP site generator.
    Have you ever heard about them before? Any points to share?


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    I can save time and energy with a single platform using smart and intelligent technology to make life easier, less complicated.
    Simply export to git for WordPress to generate Static site. I recommend Flatsite.com to all webmasters managing Wordpress Static sites.

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    bodHOST makes WordPress hosting journey easy. Whether you use WordPress for creating a website, a blog, or a knowledge base, bodHOST has everything suitable for your needs. bodHOST is aware that everyone wants a fast-paced blog/website and you will definitely want a WordPress Hosting provider who makes sure that you get a high performance hosting experience.

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    Whichever package you later decide to go for, you can start with the free trial which takes literally seconds to sign up for and doesn’t require you to pick a plan in advance: https://flatsite.com/free-trial/
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    Hello Friends,

    For static websites, it really makes sense to use git. It saves you all the trouble of FTP, version management backup, etc. For static websites, Github has a great feature that builds and hosts your website on Github servers for free. It does have the added requirement that you open-source your code.

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    it provides remote backup, automatic updates and comes with a secure login portal to update sites and deploy changes fast.

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    With FLATsite’s remote servers, you’ll get unlimited storage, highly secured remote servers and enterprise level firewall for all your projects. Now I have all i need and even more!

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    If you manage hundreds of WordPress websites maintaining them can be a tedious and time-consuming task.
    FLATsite.com automatically updates WordPress plugins and themes to improve performance and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

    You can try them for free: https://flatsite.com/free-trial/
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