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Thread: VPS which is good for meeting all my needs

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    Default VPS which is good for meeting all my needs

    VPS plans from and are to my liking and I have to sign up with the best one, so which way is better to follow?

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    Good value for money, they talk everyday English and offer a friendly service, although I haven't needed a lot of contacts once everything was moved across; it's kept working, faster page loads than previous hosting service and haven't noticed any downtime. If that's what you're after, give 'em a call. is a nice web host.

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    ScalaHosting provides scalable web hosting, reseller hosting and cloud server hosting.

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    I am customer and there're many reasons I'm still with them. The support is through the roof!
    They always go out of their way to make sure I'm happy and I like that! The pricing has always been reasonable (you get what you pay for). My server and all my websites are always up and responsive.

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    I've been with bodHOST VPS hosting for just under a year...their support is good, they always respond within a few hours, and often within a few minutes. Their servers are pretty good, and they have a support forum too.

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