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Thread: How to Make WordPress Site Secure from Hackers?

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    Default How to Make WordPress Site Secure from Hackers?

    Would like to know all possible way to make my WordPress site secure from hackers.
    Are there any experts who can share their tips here?

    One of my co-workers shared these ones:
    • Create WordPress Sites on FLATsite
    • Use TLS or SSL Certificates
    • Utilize DDOS Protection
    • Implement a Website Back-up

    Have you tried Flatsite static wordpress site generator? Is it really good solution?
    So, could you share your view points on securing wordpress site from hackers?


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    First is choosing the right host for WordPress sites.

    Because a lot depends on what the hosting provider is doing to maintain security as a host. I have used and also recommended BlueHost India because WordPress themselves recommends it for their understanding of the platform and the security they provide. Which includes Codeguard as backup, anti-DDoS and Sitelock to keep domain safe.

    Other thinks also include antimalware and antivirus software to protect WP sites. So, I suggest, please check out a good provider before buying WP for your website.

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    WordPress is a frequent target for hacking. Hackers are targeting the theme, the core WordPress files, plugins and even the login page.

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    I am extremely satisfied dealing with! Remote servers support unlimited content types, menus, multi-languages, dynamic API-driven content, and more.
    Plus, with static site generators you eliminate the security risks for dynamic sites.
    “What makes you comfortable can ruin you, but what makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow.” – Bill Eckstrom.

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    Default Tips to Protect a WordPress Site from Hackers

    WordPress site is a common target for hacking.

    Follow the steps to prevent the WordPress Site from Hackers

    1. Secure your WordPress site with firewalls. The firewall prevents intruders and blocks them.
    2. Set the Limit Logins to Your Site.
    3. Create a daily backup of your website.
    4. Update All Themes and Plugins on your site.
    5. Beware of Abandoned Plugins. Some plugins can continue to work years after they’ve been discontinued by their developer.

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