DialANetwork are humans!. We love to spread passion into our
services. Our main aim is quality at affordable prices, for everyone!

We have been providing a range of hosting services for over 25 months now, we know what it takes
to provide a quality service!

We provide something different, a decent service, something we are known for, our support is one of the
fastest around, with ticket replies almost instant through out the day and night!
Not only that, we offer multiple location choice.
Our main aim is uptime + fast support, which is now rare in the industry, very. But we mastered it!

This end of November special is below!

P4 1 x 3GHz with HT (2 x 3GHz total)
2GB DDR2 (+15 for 2GB more)
350GB premium transfer

ONLY! 36.99

To get in touch and order this, you can either submit a ticket here or use the live chat facility on the site!

Ideal for a backup server solution.

How long have you been operating?
We have been around for just about 3 years now and have proven to be a success on the web, not only that, we
now operate over 8 companies!


Our servers have great uptime, we groom our network providers with a blunt attitude to downtime, you don't
want it, we don't, uptime is key! That is why we rarely have any outages!


We offer 24/7 support, with some of the fastest replies in the industry!

Custom plan?
Just drop us an email! sales@dialahost.co.uk

Where is your hardware based?
We currently house our UK equipment in the NE5 datacenter in Newcastle, just two miles from our office.

We look forward to working with you!

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Terms: http://www.dialahost.co.uk/legal.php