Watch your website to ensure you minimize downtime and maximize uptime. If your website is down, search engines may remove your site; partners may remove links to your site; visitors will have a negative opinion of your site and you will loose sales. HTB Site Monitor gives you peace of mind.

Why do you need HTB Site Monitor?
The fact is that most Web Hosting companies never bother to notify you when your website is not responding. If your website is down or responding slowly it can quickly cost you revenue! HTB Site Monitor closely monitors any website address and will contact you immediately by email when a problem occurs so you know what is happening in "real time."
Website performance is an important and critical indicator of a website's success. HTB Site Monitor measures and analyzes multiple parameters to determine how well a website responds to browser requests.

Website Monitoring Software that's Easy to Use
Just enter your website URL address and let HTB Site Monitor watch your website for you! HTB Site Monitor was designed to be easy to use and to keep you informed on the status of any website as well as measure its performance.

Failure Notification
Setup email notifications and alarms to be activated immediately when a website is not responding. Site "Down Time" or "Up Time" is measured automatically so you know when and how long the website failed.

Background Option to run from the System Tray
HTB Site Monitor watches and monitors websites in the background while you perform other tasks on your computer. The HTB Site Monitor tray icon constantly indicates the status of any website that is being monitored and will alert you when a problem occurs. No software to install on your server, HTB Site Monitor sits on your computer and checks the website regularly.

System Requirements:
Uses Adobe Air for a rich user experience
For Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux…works on ANY computer
Internet connection (Modem/LAN)

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7-Day Free Trial: Click Here
To ensure HTB Site Monitor is right for you and that your computer meets the minimum requirements, try our 7-day free trial before purchasing.

Sale Price:
Owned License: $11.99 USD Click Here
The HTB Site Monitor license allows you to run the software on your computer. Along with this license, you will receive one year of free updates.

Owned Branded License included serial controller: $79.99 USD Click Here
Your own Branded HTB Site Monitor Software license allows you to distribute the software to your clients.

We continue to develop and improve the Software/Scripts based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our users' requests and suggestions.

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