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    Web hosting began in the year 1990 when Tim Berners Lee wrote the first web program. Many other programs were written thereafter, and many companies came up with their own web hosting service which made possible the present scenario, where there is tremendous growth in the arena of web hosting. It is also interesting to note that prior to 1991, nothing called web hosting was known to the humankind. This invariably means that there was no concept of the internet in 1991 as well. But if you want to find out the history of web hosting today, you would have to take recourse of the internet. Such has been its development! Technology has developed a lot, and the internet is the biggest development after the radio and the television. It is again worthwhile to note that internet is powered by more than 50 million websites, which form its core base. Ask yourself, what would you do online if there were no websites at all?

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    When you open up Google and do a search on the word "Hosting", more than 400 million web pages come up as a result. With that much competition, is it fairly easy to get lost while searching for a hosting provider and evaluating which are the most important things to consider.
    # The hosting company must control their servers.
    # Don't let your hosting company own your domain.
    # Avoid Free Hosting Of Any Kind.
    # Seek a Host With Good Support.

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    John was right and correct, whenever newbie looking for hosting and they usually lost in nowhere. Nor even get attract with the word "FREE hosting", my advise there is no free lunch in the world so whenever your free hosting went viral or heavier with traffic and you will meet some problem.

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    Great source of information..
    I have gone through your post and came to know about the history of web hosting.
    Keep sharing such type of information.

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