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Thread: Good hosting in Europe for uploading videos?

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    Default Good hosting in Europe for uploading videos?

    Hello. I'm in search of a web hosting that is reliable and will provide very fast loading speed all over the world. I'll be uploading videos to the website and they need to load fast.
    Does such a hosting exist? Or should I just have a different web hosting server for different parts of the world?
    Do you think Serbia website hosting will be worth trying or not? Any reviews?
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    Default most reliable hosting provider

    If you are looking for the best and most reliable hosting provider to buy web hosting then you have to do research.
    And you should follow the points to choose the right provider for your website:
    Make a list and compare web hosting companies
    Go with company reviews
    Should be available for 24/7
    Affordable plans
    For reliable Linux VPS hosting services and 24/7 support, WHUK is also the right option.
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    Ownwebservers is the only hosting solution that gives you complete control over your cloud hosting, whether the task be deciding who gets root access to your servers, or choosing your IP allocation.

    Ownwebservers also offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to scaling resources up or down. Server capacity can be increased or decreased in minutes, and elements like CPU, RAM, storage space, and even firewalls can be added or taken away with one click on your end.

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    Cloud Servers Hosting Plans & Pricing:

    Cloud 1

    • CPU Cores - 4 Core
    • Storage SSD - 160 GB
    • Memory - 8 GB
    • Operating System: Centos7
    • Additional IP's: Optional
    • Control Panel: Optional
    • Additional Disk: Optional
    • Server Backup: Optional
    • Server Management: Free Support

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    Default Best Web Hosting Providers

    There are numerous best web hosting providers available on the internet.
    You are looking for a web hosting provider for your eCommerce store then you should be very careful because all your future online presence and business fully depends on which type of hosting services they provide.
    So, while choosing the web hosting provider for your eCommerce site or online store, I think should keep some points in your mind, like it should reliable, it has a 24/7 technical support team, should able to solve all the issues, no downtime, etc. VPS and cloud hosting is always the best options to host an eCommerce website.
    I hope this will help you to find a reliable web hosting provider that fulfills all your requirements.

    For more information please visit-
    eukhost - A Leading Web Hosting Provider
    █ Affordable Services | 24x7 Pro Support
    cPanel Web Hosting | VPS Hosting | Cloud Hosting | Dedicated Hosting

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    I initially chose for the price and features. The price and features remain solid.
    This web host has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications; very professional, prompt, and friendly administration.

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    If you want hosting for short videos and less in quantity then go for VPS. but in case videos are longer (> 1 Min duration or >10MB size) then opt for dedicated server. If you could give me the specification like size and quantity of videos I could suggest you better.
    For worldwide streaming I doubt that viewers will face loading delay problem.
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    I recommend to anyone out there looking for an economical, reliable, and superior web hosting provider.
    It is responsive - can say that they are very timely about addressing questions or modifications to the site.. they are supportive - not arrogant when it is clear you've done something silly in the control panel.
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