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    Managed colocation hosting does the same function like managed servers but in this case, clients’ data can now be managed in different locations. One great benefit when trying to use a managed colocation hosting is that you can save money. This is because you only need one service provider in order to manage many locations of your data.

    Many companies do offer managed colocation hosting for organizations, which desire to have managed servers on different locations. They are readily available for contact on the internet and they do place their rates and the features of the services they offer as well. As a client, you must try to choose the best company that will best fit your needs. You must also take note the kind of services they do offer.

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    Useful info, thanks for sharing.

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    To help, Steadfast offers oversaw colocation administrations, including: ... Server reinforcement and reestablish - Our oversaw reinforcement benefit offers 200GB of plate space for FTP/Rsync or R1Soft reinforcements, which can be completely arranged by our care staff for genuine feelings of serenity and remarkable information security.

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    Colocation is much like dedicated hosting. You will have your own server that is only used by you. You will not lease the server as you will own the server. That is, you will buy the server which can be quite expensive. With colocation hosting, you can store your server at a facility that has been designed to provide the highest security. Large enterprise will use colocation hosting as an effective server storage solution.

    The main difference between managed hosting and colocation is the amount of control. Because you own the server with colocation, you have complete control but you will need the IT team that has the ability to run the server and you will also need the budget to purchase the server. With managed hosting, you will lease or rent the server making it a cheaper option.

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    Managed Colocation. Sooner or later, a tech startup or eCommerce company is going to need a server, that is, a computer dedicated to running any hardware, software and applications needed to provide services across a vast network.

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