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Thread: hosting in Europe - quality shared hosting

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    Default hosting in Europe - quality shared hosting

    Marblehost.com and euro-space.net provides entrancing UK hosting which is to my liking, which company would you sign up with and why?
    Any ideas?

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    There are thousands of web hosting companies out there, but only a few dozen are true hosting companies like Newhost.ro web host.
    You will be pleased. They provide responsive and helpful customer support. Many webmasters appreciate them for providing stable and fast hosting services.

    pricing is reasonable. hope it will be reasonable information for your request.

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    I suggest you to have more options to choose from. Check for offers from 7Host.com, quality company which solutions are really reliable and trustworthy, you won't regret of using them.

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    Vinrar, I realize that you have opened alot of thread with this kind of question. May I know you are here to complete your daily posting?

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    As i know, aspnix.com has servers in USA and Germany.
    Think that their website hosting solutions will meet your requirements.
    Currently extremely happy - they have already saved me hours of hassle, and they supply some very useful scripts.
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    I believe you should compare offers and choose the suitable one. I heard that 7Host is delivering reasonable deals with high uptime and helpful support team, you should definitely use them.
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    I think that location is not important. As for reliability I recommend you to get web hosting from newpush.com.
    You will get high performance solutions with high available support and useful features.
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    Both companies seem to be good.
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    I am not sure about them, but can name a good alternative called Pixeno.com - it is great Hosting for developers.
    One thing that attracts me is also their pricing. Its very cheap compare to other host and they also give some interesting discount rates.

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    You should compare between offers and choose the web host who offers many interesting features about:
    -control panel to help you in the setting and the configurations of your servers
    - the management of any DNS servers , You'll not have to configure or to supervise them.
    -The control of your server without any access problems.

    You have to concentrate about these features and you can look for others
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