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Thread: Feature Rich Cheap/Free Best Hosting & Web Designing Solutions?

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    Default Feature Rich Cheap/Free Best Hosting & Web Designing Solutions?

    I need to know which is the cheapest/free, hosting and web-site designing service which gives you most feature rich web-sites like free blogs, user login, test/survey creations, and latest features which one can think of with unlimited emails and unlimted databases. And one should be able implement it even if one does not know any coding. And it should be automatic.

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    As for reliable hosts, can suggest if you need web hosting for designers.
    I love the features they provide although i wish they had a slightly better domain manager like the one you find on other host providers but that is all i can think of, everything else has been superb and the privacy and security are excellent.

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    I don't have much knowledge and experience with hosting services but i think if you set your domain with Google Blogger then i think you don't need own hosting you can work on blogger without hosting services there are many theme are available for different designs... Even you can integrate your mail id with gmail using google apps.... Search about this all may be it will help you at all....

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    I'd suggest you to use paid hosting solutions from quality hosts with rich experience in niche. I recommend you Hostingsource solutions which are provided with featured stable plans and skilled support team.

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