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Thread: My Laptop getting more heat.

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    Default My Laptop getting more heat.

    Hello Folks,

    My Laptop is getting more heat while running and it is also making some noise internally. What would the problem with my laptop. Could suggest this issue.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    If your laptop is still under warranty, try to bring it to the service center where you bought your laptop and see what's keeping your laptop from getting more heat
    Or use laptop cooler device to keep your laptop in condition.
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    To fix this problem, you need to strip the laptop down to allow access
    to the heatsink and fan(s). By the way what make and model is your laptop?
    So we can investigate and help you further.

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    What is your Laptop brand? Sometimes dust could cause these sorts of problems. causal to eminent temp of the case. But in laptops 35-45c are normal. If in case the degree increases you have to consider bit seriously. The best thing you can do is take your Lap Top to a service centre.

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    Are you using any cooling pad?
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    have you ever check the virus? cause the virus will make the cpu hotter and hotter, or you may use a cooling pad
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    Main reason for the heating problem is the processor cooler and if it is making noise then your hard disk about to fail.
    Have you bought your recently, if yes then get a replace.

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    If laptop is under warranty period then try to contact the service center where you bought your laptop. Otherwise Try to use laptop cooler device for solve this problem.

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    Laptop heating is one of the main problem that is face by almost every users. As a laptop is machine that generates the heat while it is working. Some of the tips that should be followed to reduce the heat disable programs you Are not using, do not overload the hard drive and the unclog the machine vents.

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    The main cause of heating in laptop is over working and also for entering viruses in hard drive.

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