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Thread: My Laptop getting more heat.

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    There are various causes responsible to heat your laptop quickly. When you faced problem with your machine than you get a service of professional or you call your service provider it really helps in this issue and it is the best and ideal way. I suggest you some home remedy solution like always operate a laptop in a hard surface, use your laptop near a cool place.

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    Well, its a common problem being found among laptop users. Most probably, the fan should have stopped working in your laptop. If you haven't tried replacing it, then I would recommend you to try replacing it and note the changes.

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    Do you have open have a look at? Before if it is not hot, it may be a fan out of the problem. Another possibility is that the mainboard and CPU due to the use time is too long to produce heat energy release effect.

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    According to me, Cooling pad is not working properly. check it and avoid over workload.

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    The laptop is more heat the reason is problem in your processor cooling fan. You should change it or use the cooling pad.

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    Main cause of your system getting more heat because your processor cooling fan's speed is slow or some dust on it. So don't avoid this minor mistake and you should repair it.If you can't do this, then can buy a cooling pad.

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    Laptop heating problem mainly caused by Graphics problem. If your Laptop get heat easily then try to update their graphic application. Other this may happen by Cooling Fan problem. You need to provide a service to your laptop.

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