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Thread: What is Colocation Hosting?

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    Default What is Colocation Hosting?

    If you have your own web server and you are storing in your home, it is highly recommended that you consider using colocation hosting services. Even though the cost of using colocation hosting services is higher than hosting your web server at home, colocation hosting services can offer you things that you won't have at home.

    Lets Discuss Here About Colocation Hosting..
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    It refers to the location of the servers of various organizations at one place, the premises of a hosting company. The server that resides in such a place is called colocation server and this type of hosting is referred to as colocation hosting.

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    Thank you for sharing about Colocation hosting,Its a new concept.Keep up the good work. Hope to read another amazing posting from your end.

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    A server, usually a Web server, that is located at a dedicated facility designed with resources which include a secured cage or rack, regulated power, dedicated internet connection, security and support. These colocation facilities offer the customer a secure place to physically house their hardware and equipment as opposed to locating it in their offices or warehouse where the potential for fire, theft or vandalism is much greater.

    Most colocation facilities offer high-security, including cameras, fire detection and extinguishing devices, multiple connection feeds, filtered power, backup power generators and other items to ensure high-availability which is mandatory for all Web-based, virtual businesses. Colocation sites are being erected at various points around the world to provide services to the rapidly expanding Web hosting and e-commerce marketplace. The term colocation is also known as colo.

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    Hi everyone,
    Colocation web hosting is one of the most secure and dependable methods of using a web server.It is less expensive, Reliable Up-Time and Bandwidth and more flexible.

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    Colo is really cheaper but much depends on the company you have a deal with.

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    Taking the advantage of the opportunity, I wanna ask about newhost.ro colocation services.
    Do you think that I can rely on them? Any experiences?
    How long have they been providing hosting services?

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    Colocating the server gives you the greatest flexibility. You get to choose the hardware configuration of the server and the software that goes on it. The hosting company maintains the connection to the Internet and deals with environmental details such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), fire controls, and air conditioning. On the other hand, you're responsible for that server's upkeep

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    The moving or placing things together, sometimes implying a proper order. This term derived from collocation and often spelled "co-location", is used to mean the provision of space for a customer's telecommunications or computer equipment at the service provider's premises.

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    A colocation (colo) is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. It is important for an organization to closely examine their colo's service level agreements (SLAs) so as not to be surprised by hidden charges.

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