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    Default Internet researching solutions

    What is the best internet marketing technique?

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    I can tell you starting a generic forum thread with 4 signature links at the bottom unrelated to the topic of this forum is probably not a good technique. But to answer the question that I'm sure you have no actual interest in having answered...

    There is no one 'best' technique. To be completely effective in online marketing you have to take multiple approaches. Take advantage of forums and blog commenting yes but you need to take utilize facebook, twitter, and youtube as well as writing good unique content to get you noticed. On-site optimization is always the place to start.
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    SEO and SMO both are good internet marketing techniques.

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    Placing advertisement and back links on several websites through PPC, SEO, and SEM, internet marketing is supported.

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    Start with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.

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    SEO and SMO is best for Online Marketing but other then this we also take participation on Article and Blog posting Like content writing. Writing unique content for the user is best job now these day.

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