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Thread: lockalike.com - Wordpress plugin to increase social web traffic

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    Default lockalike.com - Wordpress plugin to increase social web traffic

    Hey people,

    I've just signed up here on forums.thewebhostbiz.com so that I can let you know about the lockalike traffic plugin (http://lockalike.com). I have had it installed on my site for a couple of months, and must say that it works great

    Was planning on my referral link, but I read in one of the threads that we're not allowed to. anyway, the plugin is too good not to share here.

    Don't hessitate to pm me if you would like to see the site where I use it at
    Nothing here to see. Move along please.

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    The idea behind the plugin is very simple – you lock your web pages and force your visitors to vote, tweet, like, share, stumble, or anything else before they can see the content. So you increase web traffic in an “organic” way.

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    ya,,,,,traffic generate on any site is little simple and little difficult. there are few basics about site which should be consider while start this task.............the job done as a outsource from a reputed companies ..

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    don't know what others think, but personally I've never clicked on Like button just to see the rest of a post, or unlock something on the web; just do not like the way the web owner forces users to vote, tweet, like, share, stumble, etc.

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