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Thread: Any good reliable Canadian hosts?

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    Default Any good reliable Canadian hosts?

    I would like to host my personal website and the target of my audience is Canada.
    look at these requirements:
    3 GB Web Space
    10 GB Monthly Traffic
    10 Spam & Virus Free Email Address
    Free Joomla CMS
    Is Planethoster.net reliable host? I recognized that their servers are based in Canada.
    Can I rely on them?

    any help will be much appreciated..

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    What's your budget?

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    Have you looked for reviews on them? I heard lots of positive on Planethoster solutions which are provided with high available support and cheap featured plans.

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    There are already many well-established web hosting firms nowadays that offer affordable web site hosting plans with excellent capacity and quality.
    On the account of the fact, I can draw your attention to vpsblast.net, reliable Canadian host.
    They only offer SSD-backed VPS hosting for better performance. Good luck!

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    I think that Planethoster will perfectly suit your demands. They are providing high performance services for a reasonable pricing with knowledgeable support.

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