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Thread: Reliable hosting services in USA? Any recommendations?

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    Default Reliable hosting services in USA? Any recommendations?

    I have a blog that i need to host preferable in USA because of the location of my visitors.
    10 GB Web Space
    100GB bandwidth
    How is Downtownhost.com hosting services? any experience dealing with them?

    will you point me a good host as an alternative for comparison?

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    I'd choose Kvchosting.com webhosting packages. Their technicians are well-trained and absolutely committed to their clients' satisfaction.
    The uptime is excellent and performance is outstandin

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    Downtownhost.com is an excellent host, which is well-priced and easy to work with.
    Their service's uptime is as promised: 99%! Problems are extremely rare, invariably not of their doing and have always been resolved with unbelievable swiftness and efficiency.

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    I suggest you to look for reviews on them. I heard lots of positive on OurInternet solutions which are provided with high available support and cheap featured plans, just give them a try.

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    This company has the team of professionals who know how to keep their services on top (according to customer hosting reviews).
    You will have nice hosting opportunities using downtownhost.com hosting services. It is the best US web host.
    The code 25off gives 25% off for the life of your account.

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    Have heard lot of good reviews of Bodhost Ltd. which has been providing USA based web hosting services since many years.

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    Well, I know that downtownhost.com is a great low-cost provider. They have unbelievably good support.
    Not only is their uptime 99.9% they really have good back end team who are always ready to address my problems.
    you will have nice experience!

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    IF you are looking for fast hosting solutions you can use Aspnix without any doubts. You will be pleased by their high stability and helpful support.
    The mountains have always been here, and in them, the bears.

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    I can suggest you to visit AXELARIS Hosting for their quality services , 99.99% uptime and their helpful support !

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    Think that there is no need to hesitate any longer. Downtownhost.com has good reputation and many webmasters appreciate the work they do for them.
    Their services are appreciated for the high server reliability, the connection speed and the excellent technical support available 24/24 hours via ticket, email or by phone.

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