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    Default E-Business

    What is e-business and how it work?

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    Default e business

    E business covers online business transcations, throuh e business customers have easily access to the products features qualities and function. Throuh e business speedly placed the order and also get the payments in a short poriod of time.

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    E-Business normally referred as Electronic Business. Which include E-Commerce as well as other business practices which uses technology to do business in today's time.
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    e-Business is the term used to describe the information systems and applications that support and drive business processes, most often using web technologies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ella View Post
    What is e-business and how it work?
    It's opening a site that will sell products online. The shipment might be done offline ( if you sell for example phones ) but the transaction takes place on the net.
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    selling something online through an ecommerce portal is called an ebusiness, it is quite popular these days and sites like amazon are the biggest players of online commerce.

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    e buisness is about selling things on internet

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    Very good information thanks for sharing.

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    E-Business is that business which is supported by the online business tools. Like amazon, ebay etc are the best examples of e-business.

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