About Our Services:

Santrex provides one-stop-solution for our customer needs.. Our services includes Shared Hosting, Virtual Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Game Servers, Shell Hosting, DDoS Services, Domain Registration services and much more!

Christmas Discount:
We have launched our Christmas 50% discount over our facebook page, please visit our page for our discounts and offers! note that we will post our interesting offers on our facebook before posting them on our website or via email, we will send our newsletter this month that will have more information on our offers this month, and also to inform users on the changes we have undergone this entire month, you can grab your codes now

We have brand new IBM and HP servers, new infrastructure, and better connectivity and therefore improved performance along with stability, running on Gbit ports and given 200mbit in total for each server instead of 100mbit. Moreover the better onsite support in the datacenter will be provided. In order to achieve optimum performance and to avoid data losses or disk failures hardware raid10 has been added. SAS drives on the new servers implemented instead of SATA to assure the best possible performance.

Prices start at only $14.99 USD($7.5 USD with discount code), You can choose between Windows RDP and Linux OS, OpenVZ and Xen virtualizations in 6 different locations ( more coming soon ) Our Premium services are fully customized, you can choose the exact amount of RAM, HDD or CPU. Additionally you can adjust the servers up to your demand at any time.

Additional 256 Ram costs only:
$5 USD for OpenVZ
$7 USD for Xen/Windows

Additional 5 GB diskspace costs only $2 USD

You can order up to 16 CPU Cores.

Additional IP's costs only $2 USD per IP
You can check our offer here


All Premium servers are running on 1Gbit lines instead of 100mbit, and our offshore and onshore seed box packages include access to your own exclusive running copy of pre-setup ruTorrent/uTorrent,dedicated hard drive partition for your torrents, dedicated IP, proxy and an FTP account to manage and transfer your files. You can customize your seedbox for additional disk space and choose between choose between interfaces such as rtorrent, rtgui, wtorrent, rtorrentweb, avalanche, iphone

Features Premium
Base Disk 200GB
Total disk space Customize
Connection port 1Gbit
Unmetered bandwidth
Access to FTP, FTPS, sFTP and HTTPS secure conection
Choose between interfaces (rtorrent, rtgui, wtorrent, rtorrentweb, avalanche, iphone)
HTTP proxy (same IP as the seedbox)
remote control (check quote and restart)
Unlimited active torrents (fair usage)
Free dedicated IP
Guranteed anonymous webbrowsing
Unrar via webgui
Ajax filemanager

Price: $20 USD/monthly or $10 USD(with discount code)

Please check our offer here

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About Us:

Santrex founded in 2001 as ConnectPower which was later acquired by Santrex. Santrex servers are located in multi Tier backbone data centers with generator backups and round-the-clock monitoring. All our networks are built using the latest Cisco equipments. Santrex utilizes all gigabit and ten-gigabit ethernet equipment to connect to the internet. Santrex servers are connected via 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps dedicated ports. Santrex guarantees that our customers will always be served by 24x7 unbeatable technical support and service.

If you have any questions please contact our sales department at sales@santrex.net