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Thread: Why Joomla created website is much popular?

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    Default Why Joomla created website is much popular?

    Joomla is a powerful device to develop a website on. It gives more functionality to the website. Though there are also many other open source development platforms available in the market, people prefer to develop a website in Joomla. What is the reason behind it?

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    Well, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone which is used all over the world to control Web sites of all shapes and sizes.
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    I prefer Drupal. Drupal websites are more secure than joomla or Word-press.

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    You can easily add or modify new pages and images using the Joomla content management system. Moreover, you can also do the text formatting using the editor support of Joomla.

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    I am using WordPress till now but not so much aware about Joomla. Do you know anyone? - What is the main difference between WordPress CMS and Joomla CMS? i.e., How they differ from each other?
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    Yes brainusa, you are right joomla created website is much popular, because it gives the impressive number of opportunities like polls, media and menu managers, and your own preferences possibility to use several languages. Joomla contains lots of information, advice, and links for first time users.

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