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Thread: Tips for choosing reliable VPS Hosting ?

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    Default Tips for choosing reliable VPS Hosting ?

    If youíre confused about getting the right VPS host, here are some detailed tips which may lead you and help you finding the right VPS Hosting Company:

    Platform: Platforms are important, If you are not profound in Linux and don't want more expensive managed server, you might decide to find Windows VPS, although we strongly encourage Cpanel for Linux platform, as it is cheaper, more able to customize to your needs, with better community support at the Internet, etc

    Customer server: Many will tell you that good Customer server is extremely important. Thatís absolutely true from a personal point of view! The best vps hosting providers are committed to their customers and offer professional customer service and technical support features to help you get the most out of your chosen plan. This may include 24/7 customer service availability, strong security plans

    Reasonable pricing: Make sure that the prices offered by the Hosting company are very reasonable and itís sometimes better to choose expensive ones but make sure that there are no extra fees.

    Security: Security is the most important criteria for choosing a VPS Hosting.As I said earlier, dedicated server is divided into a number a virtual private servers, each of which runs independently from the other and uses very private information thatís why itís recommended that the hosting company is protected by a Firewall to avoid all intrusions and hacking attacks. Make sure that the hosting company provide you with an individual IP address and a personal password.

    Control Panel : Control Panel allows users to view and manipulate basic system settings and controls.

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    If you are looking for reliable VPS you can use Hosteasier.com services. They are offering cheap and fast plans with helpful support.
    May also name WebIntellects.com solutions. Their servers are powerful, support is knowledgeable and prices are low.
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    At the OP, are you looking for something special?

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    Try to contact the current customers of the web host provider of your choice and see if they are satisfied with the kind of services being rendered by the web host company.

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    I'd highly recommend GlowHost.com VPS hosting plans.
    They provide fast international network, friendly technical support and 100% customer satisfaction.

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    Thanks for recommending us. We are here to answer all your specific questions.

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    There are plenty of good VPS providers out there. Check out GoDaddy and Peer 1. I've had very good experience with them in the past.

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    I love VPS services provided by Zeropid.com. They are experienced host with high reputation among webmasters, rock-solid servers and featured affordable plans, you won't regret.
    May also name services from Planethoster.net. You will get low prices, high performance server solutions and knowledgeable support.

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    I beleive you should have more reliable options to choose the best one. From the personal experience I recommend AJKservers plans. Their support is skilled and stability is high, you can use them for sure.
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    Service, support and price are very important aspect to choose any webhosting provider. I prefers to use hostnsoft for my webhosting requirement because of their support and services at any time.
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