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Thread: Backlink Generator software that is safe for google?

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    Thanks guys for the info!
    I didnt know that!
    I thought that software like that creates backlinks safe, and i'm ok...
    I'll never use them again!

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    Write valuable articles for your targeted audience.
    Create cornerstone (Pillar) articles.
    Get advantage of broken link building tactics.
    Submit your work to web directories.
    Commence Guest blogging.

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    Default a big no to such software

    hello friend i just want to suggest you that never use any kind of backlink generator software . google do not like that. make natural backlink. if you use this kind of software your site will get penalty by google

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    Don't try backlink generator software.

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    A backlink generator means you have no control over the websites you end having links from. So as pretty mcuh everyone has said don't do it!

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    Default Backlink Generator software that is safe for google?

    It works, but with low quality. You can catch spam or metrics that are not good for you. It is not the way to grow your metrics, itís almost useless

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    Default No, Its not Safe

    According to Google, the use of the apps for the backlinks buildings is not so good for white label or white hats techniques.

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