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Thread: server in EU is needed

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    I think that you can check They have premium servers and budget servers and they are located in Great Britain.

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    Default guys are wonderful!
    Fast technical support.
    I have never had a problem with downtime because it always seems to be up. Besides the great support the prices are very reasonable.
    I would recommend them to anyone wanting a stable hosting service.

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    I think you can also try godaddy or dreamhost for yourself as they are the best providers.

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    Frankly speaking I was impressed by EU dedicated servers - the price is reasonable.
    DEDIPROMO10 gives 10% off the price. No complaints so far, and I recommend this company to anyone who wants to host multiple domain names on the same server for a nominal cost.

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    I totally support suggestion. Their plans are featured, support is helpful and prices are affordable.
    May also name servers which are offering high performance stable servers. Compare offers to choose the suitable one.
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    I am sure that Aspnix would be the best it is stable, reliable web host along with professional team. They are offering fast powerful servers for reasonable prices.
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    Default provides quality dedicated servers in Europe.
    Their servers are well-balanced and prices are not high - starting at $25 per month.

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    No doubt crookservers is best.

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    Never heard about crookservers. I'd stick with either GoDaddy or Dreamhost.

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