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Thread: Whats your favorite billing system?

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    paypal will be OK.

    Well, usually people use paypal.
    Nothing serious.R4R4R4R4

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    I don't have a favourite, for me the important is, I always pay for their services that's why my business run nice. They deserve to be paid in right due date. They do there job as well as mine also, they are a big part of this.

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    Default How are you?

    Nice article, but you may unquestionably add more information into it, including samples and more recommendations on that.

    So far so good enjoying the forum

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    Rapid-Billing is more popular in world. It promotes many areas to develop billing software.

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    There are various types of billing systems , I prefer custom built up billing system.

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    i'm using payable account ! it's my favourite

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    i prefer using WHMCS !

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    I do not have any favorite system as such but i am using telecom billing software as i am managing a call centre.

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    WHMCS rocks! I like to use this billing system because it is easy to operate.

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