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Thread: Whats your favorite billing system?

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    So personally I'm using Box Billing (Pro) and I love it as its easy to use and pretty decent built. I think they need to offer extentions again and fix a couple bugs in the admin panel with the product promotions. I used Clientexce and then switched to Box Billing as I got a free premium license with my reseller hosting. I used THT before and found it not working the best for me as it didn't send a welcome email with the cPanel and name servers
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    Paypal is the best way to use.

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    I don't have a favourite, for me the important is, I always pay for their services that's why my business run nice. They deserve to be paid in right due date.

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    customer management billing system

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    Default Whats your favorite billing system?

    I don't have a preferred, for me the main is, I always pay for their solutions that's why my company run awesome. They are entitled to to get compensated in right deadline. They do there job as well as my own also, they are a big thing about this.

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