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Thread: Need help to choose cheap web host (need server in EU)

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    Default Need help to choose cheap web host (need server in EU)

    I have over 10 web sites that has really huge traffic every day and think that it will be great to find cheap web host that provides stable hosting services in Europe.
    The things that I need:
    - Helpful customer support,
    - Stable dedicated server,
    - Location - Europe,
    - Reasonable pricing,
    Linux, 400 gbs of HD, 4 gbs of RAM and 4500 gbs of bandwidth.

    I found and - can say that they offer pretty good servers.

    How reliable are these companies? Have you ever heard anything about them? What is better?
    Any alternatives?

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    I think you should have more options to choose from. As I know company provides reliable hosting services which are worth every cent you pay for them. Servers are stable and prices are affordable for the customers with a tight budget.
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    If I were you, i'd give a try without any doubt. They have really nice reputation for providing quality hosting in Switzerland.
    They build the infrastructure and adapt it to suit your needs and maintain it around the clock for you. I like them.

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    Have you chosen already?
    Natcoweb Dedicated and Colocation Hosting
    VPS from $9,99
    Build Your Server
    520 Series SSD Available

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    Not sure about that web host, but can out forward a suggestion dealing with They have their own Data Center in Canada and offers really cheap VPS solutions. The support system are clear, informative, and not at all condescending. Simply the best hosting service ever!
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    I don't have any knowledge about this two particular company batter to find review of both website on internet and there are one more company hostnsearch that one is also good option to fulfil your hosting requirement. :- Find Domain Name via Gtalk

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    Default provides stable and reliable dedicated servers in Europe starting at $25 per month.
    Use them to meet your needs, the OP.
    Their proactive support technicians deal with urgent problems within 2 hours.

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    According to my research Redswitches is offering reliable solutions. Their servers are fast and rock-solid. Faster than every other hosting providers that I've tried. My server still has a uptime of 100% without any interruptions.

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    No doubts will perfectly fit any webmasters demand with their affordable prices and helpful support. Do not hesitate and contact them directly for more details
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