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Thread: What is the main difference between web design and graphic design?

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    Thanks for sharing a nice,,, now i got the what is difference between web design and graphic designs.

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    ha .. i too did not pay any attention of the differentiation of these two terms .. appreciate for making it clear

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    The design includes any design that has been created and printed. Graphic design uses a combination of technology and the art of communicating messages and ideas. Web Design is to create a website on the Internet. Web designers who work in business creation and implementation of their websites. They serve only to web sites.

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    Realistic designers make pictures by hand Furthermore with mechanical transformation helps. They are concerned for the presentation of a one task. Web designers have a couple separate titles, for example, web developers. Compared with realistic designers, web designers need aid answerable for those technical, behind-the-scenes, computer-related parts of a project.

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    Web design is used for website building while graphic design is art.

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    Default Graphic designers vs Web designers

    Graphic designers create visuals to meet precise commercial or promotional needs, such as packing, displays or logos.

    Web designers create and modify all aspects of a website, including graphics, content, performance and capacity.

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    What is Graphic Design?

    Graphic Design involves creating graphics, typography, and images to present an idea. Most of the time you will find Graphic Design in the print industry, but they are also found in web projects as well. Graphic Designers create digital graphics, which then are turned into brochures, posters, or whatever branding materials are required of them. Graphic Designers do not do any programming. They are responsible for making graphics which can later be used for published print work or even websites.

    What is a Web Design?

    Web Design involves creating graphics, typography, and images just like Graphic Design, but we use the World Wide Web. A web designer has restrictions on what they can do. Websites need to load fast and run efficiently. They have to account for things like file size, screen resolution, along with overall speed and performance. Because of this, Web Designers often use compressed graphics that sacrifice quality for speed. Unlike Graphic Designers, Web Designers also must be able to turn their designs into a working website. This involves knowing Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and most of the time Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)....

    Hope it helps you

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    Default web design & graphic design

    Web design is the web development or to design the layout of a website or a graphic design is to design graphics for many purposes like images for web development, advertisment design etc.

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    Web design it means a simple webpage which can be created by HTML , CSS. But Graphic Design includes Images, logos, Banners. Web design is used for website and Graphic Design is used for print media as well as website.

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