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Thread: Is reselling worthwhile?

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    Default Is reselling worthwhile?

    I can't figure out reselling. Is it a worthwhile business? How much money can you make?

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    Default Long-term pay off


    I have been with the same web hosts since he was a reseller. He was working for ages before he got his own server. 10 years later - literally - now he has 10 servers and he's a reasonably wealthy man. Not extremely well off, but not bad. So in that way it pays off. However, I think the latest I have spoken to him was 3:00 am in the morning when he was having to fix a problem on his server that was impacting my website. Add all those types of incidents together with all of his customers, and compare that against the money he has earned, and I bet he hasn't made a profit. So, perhaps not just reselling, but web hosting in general doesn't pay off!


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    reselling is beneficial when you know your What’s your business worth?

    Whether you're passing the company on to a family-member or selling it to outside interests, you will require a business valuation that establishes a realistic and fair dollar number. This value will be an important focal point of your transition plan.

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    you guys are right.

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    Interesting question as recycling involves a certain amount of energy expenditure in terms of collecting recyclables and processing them but near as I can tell, proponents of recycling have included the energy cost in their calculations.

    However, it doesn't take much to undo this advantage. Sometimes, it's more economical financially to ship the collected recyclables half way around the world for sorting and recycling despite the obvious increase in carbon footprint so in practice some recycling isn't worthwhile from an environmental point of view.

    At best, you can say that there's recycling and then there's recycling.
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    Is FatWallet still the best forum for savvy personal financial advice?

    I used to read it a lot, in particular the finance forum. Stopped for a while, and in a few years it seems to be missing some of it's insightful comments and focus.

    I'm not looking for something that covers any one topic in particular, but rather a broad breath of topics. FW touches on home buying and selling, mortgages, re-fi's, CD rates, car buying, insurance, the best CC deals, income taxes. But you have to know where to look, or else you'd think it is all about rebates, coupon codes, hot deals anymore. Comments on the housing bubble, before it actually started, were insightful and interesting reading.

    What is FWs competition these days?
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