Telemonitoring Systems Can Transform Quality of Care

  1. poojam
    "Healthcare Advances with Telemonitoring Systems Can Transform Quality of Care"

    Healthcare monitoring systems have been an integral part of the patient care services since a very long time. They are used to observe the symptoms, condition and other medical parameters of the patient. It is performed by measuring the vital medical parameters of the patient such as the heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc.

    Telemonitoring systems are the medical devices used for the remote diagnosis, examination and monitoring of the patients by the clinicians. Telemonitoring systems allow the physicians and doctors to monitor the patientís vital statistics at any given time. The rapid advancements in the information and visualization technology have provided new opportunities in the telemonitoring systems industry.

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    Hey there, new here from the UK. Glad to be here and we have an Orchard House Residential Care Home for Dementia Patients and Elders in Bexhill-on-Sea, UK. Looking forward to this group.
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